Locative Narratives

“Haunted London”

Bima - British Interactive Media Awards 2011

‘Haunted London’ is a personal interactive experience that promotes an exploration of a ‘Hidden London City’ based on a haunted trail and narrative. a locative and interactive storytelling experience based upon a haunted trail in the heart of old London city.. It is designed for short-term visitors in London city or tourists who have been already around London classic siteseeing and they are looking for different experience.

Find more in the “Haunted London” website

“The End of Elephant & Castle”

The End of E&C is a team project on interactive locative narratives, where we created a web app for the iPhone. Theory on narratives, user research (artists and creative people) and brainstorming led us to the idea. HTML5, CSS3 were the technologies used. The “Viewer-User-Reader-Player” becomes a participant of the end of the story. That of the distruction of E&C, area in London. After watching short videos we filmed the user is called to draw his own “end of the scenario”. The are two version of the final story where the user sees more than one possible endings, as he/she can browse all the previous users stories & paintings. It is a bit like illustrating a book in an active & social way but could be a lot more.

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